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SharePoint Development

SharePoint is a web application framework and platform developed by Microsoft. 

In our company we provide SharePoint with custom designs to make it shows as any  website  . Furthermore, we can install your SharePoint application in internal network to make more secure .

We are providing SharePoint development service to help companies to solve common problems by using Microsoft product.

Microsoft SharePoint is an enterprise platform that can be configured to help variety of small, mid, and large-sized companies

Microsoft SharePoint technology allows users to share and manage documents in collaborative work environment.

Introducing SharePoint can provide companies with professional study for business plans and productivity by taking decision in the right position and time. Some company’s needs are so unique so that SharePoint must be further modified to fit your needs perfectly.

we are sharepoint development company in dubai. we are providing sharepoint web app development services for various versions like sharepoint 2013 and 2010.

Europe Webs Technology, with many SharePoint experts does the customization of your portal to follow company needs.


Advantages of Microsoft SharePoint:

-         SharePoint is user-friendly so any one can use the product easily.

-         Because SharePoint is Microsoft product,

          This makes the integration fine in Microsoft office and windows.

-         You have Microsoft support in your hand as you working with Microsoft product

-         Fast searching for docs via Meta data

-         User experience front end for content management.

-         Scalable platform, you can build and add apps and services 


SharePoint services we offered:


-  SharePoint Web Part Development

Web parts are type of user interface components in SharePoint. We can provide custom web part design that can be reused in any SharePoint site pages.

SharePoint web part is important because it can deliver content and information which will increase the productivity.

Our SharePoint development team will help any company to build custom web parts that fit their needs.


-  SharePoint Sites Development and Management

Internet services market is increasing every day, so it’s necessary to build an efficient and customized site.

There are so many benefits to build your website depending on share point platform. You can manage the web site by performing back up and restoring it, you can control the cache of your web parts, configuring e-mails on the site and implementing site templates. You can also customize the settings of the site by managing permissions, layout pages, administrative settings and more.

Our SharePoint development team will help your company to build customized site that will fit business strategy.


-  SharePoint 2010 Upgrade Service – Migration Solutions

With increasing in functionalities and features in the newer versions of SharePoint, it’s necessary to upgrade the SharePoint version to make the work in organization very easy.

Our SharePoint development team will help in upgrading from old versions such as SharePoint 2001, SharePoint portal server 2003, ESS 3.0 and WSS 2.0. 

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