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Web development

Web development


Web development refers to creating, building, testing and maintaining websites, It includes aspects such as web design, web publishing, web programming, and database management. "Web designer" & "Web developer" doesn't mean the same thing although these terms are often used synonymously.


Technically, by using HTML and CSS the web designer will only designs website interfaces, in other hand web developer will write web scripts in programing languages such as and PHP, and also may be involved in designing a website, additionally may help in maintain and update a database.


Europe Webs is a web development company in Dubai, Our expertise is following the latest technology updates to transfer our clients to more performance and efficiency.


Web development is the area of expertise for us in Europe Webs. We build websites from scratch for both the front end and back end systems, that’s the core of web development in Dubai. Therefore, Europe Webs is one of creative web development companies in Dubai. 


"Web development Dubai" standards are the latest technique globally, therefore, to follow these standards really its need to build the websites from scratch.

Projects for website development in Dubai and software development in Dubai are increasing in the last two years, because of the huge demand for Dubai websites that help us cope with the fast pace of life around us and makes our life easier and faster in all aspects and in all business fields.


As a web development company in Dubai we help you to build a website using the latest development methodologies taking into account company needs and budget. We also provide both open source solutions and custom development solutions based on your requirement.


We provide any consultation of web development in Dubai branch, Our web developer consultants will help you to specify the best and efficient tool for your business needs.



The main technology that we are using to build web applications is PHP language with MySQL database engine. Furthermore, we have expertise in other open source frameworks like Codeigniter, Yii, WordPress and CakePHP.

Also, we can help you to build your website from ready website templates and connect it to most famous web application frameworks like WordPress and joomla. 

And for the front end layout, we are using HTML, CSS and JavaScript/JQuery to build responsive designs that is compatible with all major browsers like Internet explorer, Firefox, chrome and safari. Also we build responsive designs that fit all mobile screen sizes and tablets and that is one of Dubai web development standards. 



Our website development team is full qualified having experience in the following areas:

  • Facebook app development
  • E-learning platforms
  • Google Maps
  • Bing Maps
  • Building custom WordPress themes
  • Secure e-commerce shopping carts
    • Custom built
    • Magento
    • WordPress
    • Pinnacle Cart
  • Custom content management systems
  • Database applications to streamline business workflows
  • Secure online bill pay solutions
  • Data integration services utilizing the following third party services:
    • CRM & accounting:
      • NetSuite
      • Cargas
      • SalesForce
      • Zoho
    • Email Marketing:
      • Listrak
      • SendGrid
      • Mandrill
      • Constant Contact
      • Benchmark
      • MailChimp
    • E-commerce & payments:
      • Pinnacle Cart
      • PayPal Express Checkout, Pro and Payflow Pro
      • Amazon Payments
      • Google Wallet
      • Authorize.Net AIM, CIM and ARB
      • First Data
      • Payment Logistics
    • Social media:
      • Twitter
      • Facebook




What we are committed to do while developing your website?

-          plan it right according to the need of your website.

-          Unique design for html elements like: text, images, tables, links etc.

-          Build website which is optimized for search engine optimization (SEO).

-          Build a blog to make your ideas heard by your audience.

-          Connect your website with social media such as Facebook, twitter and Google plus.

-          Build content management to help you update the content of your website by yourself.


Please Remember!

Web development Dubai standards are deferent than any other city or country standards.


For creating websites there are many methods, there is often a trade-off between simplicity and customization, so most large businesses doesn't use CMS, but instead have a dedicated team that maintains and designs the company's website(s).


Don’t forget that website development Dubai standards are creative and exclusive if you compare it with other normal countries standards.


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Europe Webs Web Design Dubai - IT Solutions and Services

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Europe Webs Web Design Dubai - IT Solutions and Services

Address: 10 Floor, Office # 1002, SHEIKH ZAYED ROAD, Dubai, UAE   

P.O Box: 3331

Tel: +971 (0)4 239 2992

Email: info  

For urgent calls 24/7 : web design dubai number


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